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Mill Creek Micros is the retail division of Tallgrass Systems, Ltd. Mill Creek Micros specializes in providing low-cost computing solutions while maintaining the back-up resources of Tallgrass Systems, Ltd. TALLGRASS SYSTEMS, LTD., originally founded in August 1984 as a consulting firm, is a value-added-reseller (VAR) and systems integrator (SI) of microcomputer and computer-related products and services. Mill Creek Micros primarily serves clients in the small to mid-size business (SOHO), educational and professional business areas. Hardware products include entry-level small business microcomputers, printers, network & communications equipment, optical disc, terminals and other related products. Professional and educational software are also available. All the major services of Tallgrass Systems, Ltd., are available including product support, systems design, programming, software customization, consultation and on-site training. Arrangements for technical service, suppport, maintenance, and leasing of systems are available through Mill Creek Micros. The company is authorized to sell Microsoft, Novell (Gold), Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Panasonic, Viewsonic, IBM,  and other major computer companies. Mill Creek Micros operates out of an Business Connectivity Center in Orland Park, Illinois with both an inside and outside sales team.


Mill Creek Micros serves both private and public educational clients at the elementary, secondary and college levels. In addition, Mill Creek Micros specializes in entry-level network solutions for academic office and public sector facilities. The firm provides full support for Windows 3.0 based applications. Also its specialty is designing small microsystems which meet administrative or academic needs, using or enhancing existing products. When the need warrants, higher performance systems are designed around the equivalent of an IBM PC or networked PC components. At the collegiate level Mill Creek Micros provides similar services and products for departmental offices, research and computer labs with a strong emphasis on complete micro CAD systems. In addition, micro-to-mainframe (Async & 3270) support is provided within the PC environment.

For the small business or professional office Mill Creek Micros provides complete office automation microsystem fulfillment including software/hardware integration. Most systems are based around IBM PC compatible products. Mill Creek Micros specializes in providing low-cost alternative systems for word-processing, database, and desktop publishing applications. Mill Creek Micros also provides products and support for multi-user and multi-processing systems based on popular Novell networking systems. In addition, Mill Creek Micros markets on-site third-party service agreements for name-brand microcomputer systems. Training or topic specific seminars, such as Office Automation or CAD are offered through Tallgrass Systems Technical Services Group.

Clients served by Mill Creek Micros include major accounts, insurance, advertising agencies, graphic design firms, legal firms, numerous private & public colleges, private schools, and many businesses from security to secretarial.

The sales manager in the firm is Louis Mulé who began his computing experience in 1967 on an IBM 1620 mainframe. Louis also holds three advanced degrees in the sciences with over 15 years of teaching and research experience in both secondary and university arenas.

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