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TALLGRASS SYSTEMS LTD. (TSL), originally founded in August 1984 as a consulting firm, is a value‑added‑dealer (VAR) and systems integrator (SI) of networked computer, workstation, computer‑related software and services. TSL specializes in core networks with Windows or NetWare clients with connectivity to outside service providers. TALLGRASS SYSTEMS primarily serves clients in the academic, public safety, professional (SMB) and corporate business areas.  TSL main focus is on core network solutions using leading hardware and software infrastructure components integrated into the business operation of the client. Hardware products include servers, PCs, printers, network & communications equipment, security/firewall, and network storage. TSL is experienced in both Exchange, GroupWise and SendMail (Linux) email server platforms. Through its TechNET Express Group! TSL offers cost-effective managed services and as well as on-demand and on-site plans through its T-CARE lineup. The managed services plans offer service level agreements, software integration, consultation and on‑site training. The company is an authorized reseller for Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, 3COM, Panasonic, IBM and other major technology companies. TSL sales and support facilities are established in a sales center in Orland Park. This location, called the Business Connectivity Center, is staffed with committed salesmen and certified technical service specialists.




TALLGRASS SYSTEMS serves both private and public academic centers and state and local government agencies. TSL specializes in design and installation of public sector solutions such as storage SANs, wireless communications and ruggedized notebook MDC solutions. TSL also specializes in document imaging management systems, which meet administrative or academic needs, using or enhancing existing products. TALLGRASS SYSTEMS provides managed services and solutions for departmental offices, research and computer labs with a strong emphasis on complete document imaging and workflow systems. TSL also manages software licenses for its customers. In addition, remote internet support is provided within the PC environment.






For the corporate business or professional office TALLGRASS SYSTEMS provides complete network design, fulfillment, and after‑sale support and training. Software customization, training, and related services or products are provided as needed. Full LAN (Local Area network) support is provided including routers, switches, wireless and power backup solutions.  TALLGRASS SYSTEMS specializes in solutions using VOIP technology to reduce telecommunications costs. In addition, on‑site training in computer use and specific applications are offered to professional clients. TrueTech Corporate Training, topic specific seminars, color printing systems, is also available. TSL also provides out-sourced on-site support on a short-term or longer project basis or managed services as needed for corporate accounts.



Clients served by TALLGRASS SYSTEMS LTD include Fortune 1000 and Forbes 400 accounts, insurance, advertising agencies, manufacturing, distribution, graphic design firms, legal firms, numerous colleges, private schools, public agencies and many businesses from security to secretarial.


The principal officer in the firm is Louis Mulé who began his computing experience in 1967 on an IBM 1620 mainframe. He is A+ and Microsoft certified and a network engineer.  He also holds three advanced degrees in the sciences with over 16 years of teaching and research experience in both secondary and university arenas.

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