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Technical Services Policy of Sale

TechNet Express Group 
14620 John Humphrey Drive
Orland Park, Illinois 60462
708/349-1353 [FAX]  

The following items are extensions to the standard Tallgrass Systems Ltd. (TSL) Terms and Conditions of Sale for Service and hereby incorporated into each technical services work order. Standard sales policy also applies and governs elements not discussed here.

1. Proof of purchase (POP). POP (Invoice, Bill of Sale, etc.) must accompany all warranty repairs. Failure to provide proof of purchase will result in the application of non-warranty charges at the published parts and labor rates for services provided at the time of repair. All warranty work is subject to manufacturer's acceptance of claim. Customers agree to pay fees not covered by manufacturer's warranty. An advance payment may be required at our discretion.

2. Service Warranty. TSL Technical Services Group (TechNET Express) warrants all repair parts and labor to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a minimum period of 30 days (may vary according to manufacturer) or until termination of the original applicable warranty for new products, or as required by applicable state law or regulation.

3. Payment. Payment for all work requests to the TSL Technical Services Division must be guaranteed in advance by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard, Discover or AMEX Only) or Company Purchase Order (Subject to credit approval). In addition, any past due accounts with either TSL or Mill Creek Micros must be cleared up before any new work requests will be honored. When using a credit card guarantee, an authorization will be made at the inception of the work cycle and charged upon completion of services unless paid for by cash.

4. Minimum Fees. A minimum service charge will be assessed for:

a. Instances of NO problem found.

b. Problems incurred due to user education or misuse

c. Failure to read product documentation

d. Software configuration & support

e. Training or User Education

f. Cancellation of Warranty Work Prior to Completion

g. Any other non-reimbursed fees

Full service fees will be charged when the OEM declines to honor any warranty for any reason.

5. Restock Fees. A minimum (20%) percent restocking fee (per part) will be assessed for the cancellation of work request once parts have been ordered or service rendered. Most OEM parts are special order and cannot be returned to the vendor. Such parts are NOT returnable. No refunds will be given.

6. Shipping Fees. Any shipping charges incurred during the service process will be the sole responsibility of the customer. This includes inbound and outbound shipping of any SKU or part, warranty or non-warranty. Additional fees may be charged for expedition, research or documentation.

7. Data Loss. TSL Technical Services Division is not responsible for the preservation of any data on any computer storage device. It is highly recommended by TSL Technical Services Division that all data be backed up by each customer prior to submitting any computer for service. The responsibility for the restoration of any lost data lies solely with the customer who must agree to bare all cost (effort and money) for any restoration attempt. TSL assumes no liability for any data loss, direct or indirect.

TSL Technical Services Division does offer a back-up service for an additional fee, however we are not responsible for any data lost while utilizing this service. Under no circumstances will TSL be held liable for the loss of any data on any storage device submitted for repair, warranty or evaluation.

8. Outside Providers. TSL Technical Services Group reserves the right to use manufacturers services or a third party service provider at our discretion. Additional fees may be incurred when these services are utilitized.

9. Claim Tickets. Repair work cannot be picked up without presentation of a claim ticket or proper identification. Only the party named on the work order is authorized to pick-up equipment submitted for repair. If anyone other than the party named on the work order is to pick up the equipment, proper authorization will be required from the named party.

10. Unclaimed Units. Property unclaimed for more than thirty (30) days may be disposed of, in satisfaction of the amount due for service and repairs, or the cost of checking and preparation of an estimate, and for other expenses incurred. Property unclaimed after 90 days is considered abandoned. We reserve the right to all remedies provided by law, including mechanic's lien. Any equipment not abandoned and claimed after thirty (30) days is also subject to the then current per diem storage fees.

11. Time to Repair. TSL is not responsible for any delays to the repair or configuration of any system due to unavailability of parts, software, or documents, or any other reason. TSL may refuse to accept any unit for service, or continue to service, if in its opinion, the repair process is not likely to result in customer satisfaction. Units in for repair may not be picked up (during the service cycle) without prepayment of all estimated charges (parts and labor) prior to job completion.

12. Hold Harmless. The customer must agree to hold TSL harmless for any action by any TSL employee or any advice which might be given to the customer, either solicited or unsolicited. TSL also is not responsible for any damages to unit or other customer property while in its possession, while moving the unit to or from the customer, except through gross negligence.

This service or sale is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois and Village of Orland Park.

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