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The Internet Store

TSL offers every product and service needed to surf the net.

The Internet Store draws on over 20 years experience in network connectivity and systems integration. This industry experience enables us to offer comprehensive services. The Internet Store offers the hardware, software, and expertise necessary for Internet connection, intranet, and web site development.

-Leased line provisioning: 56k, DSL, T1, T3

-Connect at your desk without a modem!
-Routers, CSUs/DSUs

-Servers: Commerce, FTP, Mail, Web
-Internet DNS
-Internet/intranet e-mail integration
-Internet/intranet security and firewalls

-Web authoring

-Commerce enabled sites
-Multi-media sites

-Web site hosting
-Web surfing tools and browsers
-Installation, configuration, and setup
-Platforms covered: LINUX, Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell Netware
-And More...

The Internet Store has the expertise to incorporate your marketing, sales, and customer service goals into your web site. We also have the technical expertise to maintain your site and keep you connected. We have the resources and skills to assist your firm in having more than just a "presence" on the web. Our web development team will assist you in taking full advantage of the Internet to help you attain your business goals.

The Internet Store is dedicated to staying on top of the ever changing Internet industry. Our resources are focused solely on keeping our technicians, web master, and sales professionals on the cutting edge of industry technology through research, trade shows, and training by our business partners (including PSI Net, Novell, Netscape, MCI, Ameritech, Microsoft, Digital, and most other major Internet vendors).

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